The world as we know it is populated by spectres, spirits that haunt and possess the very body of the world. These spectres, the concept of the nation, the idea of society and even the notion of the atomized individual, form not only the foundations of how we think about the world both present and future, but is also the basis of government force. We are possessed with imaginary formations that turn the very actualities of everyday life into nothing other than expressions of ideas.

Contrary to all aesthetic differences the concepts articulated by both the partisans of the contemporary order as well as those marching towards a glorious revolutionary future all exist within a framework that we will be terming the political imaginary. The political imaginary is that totalizing existential determinism that understands existence in its entirety and plans the future around that understanding. It is the conceptual ontology of political modernity, a universe where we exist as little more than particular manifestations of truth. This truth varies between narratives, from Christianity to dialectical materialism, but aesthetics aside, the consequences remain the same. Rather than a dynamic world, shaped by our actions and framed by the dynamics of history, we are being called to imagine a world that is smooth, rational and determined by truth. In an imaginary universe of truth, we become irrelevant, interchangeable vehicles of the manifestation of that truth.

In finding what lies beyond the quagmire of the totalistic concepts of existence and the political visions that emanate therefrom we must articulate a position framed around the rejection of the imaginary ideal. So to start we must ask whether the definitive future, the concept of the planned utopia, the notion of truth itself, is either knowable and/or preferable in our discourses around the lives we live. It is with this understanding in mind that we launch this project.

This is an anarchist project but one that rejects the socialist concept of anarchism, leftism or any attachment to a political tradition grounded in the narrative of an utopian future. This is not a rebranding of traditional European socialism, we are leaving baggage of the 19th century Marxist milieu to LARPers with red banners. We are anarchists and our anarchy is found in the possibilities opened by the subversion and destruction of capital and the state, rather than the attempt to engage in the political fiction of discourses of some future world. Likewise, we are a definitively nihilist project; not because we have become hopeless, as in the vernacular understanding of the term, but because we understand that the opening up of the possibilities of the present only arises in negation of the political imaginary.

Rather than attaching this ourselves to universal narratives found in the international ideals of contemporary revolutionary thought, we localize, grounding ourselves in both the terrain in which we fight as well as a recognition of the limitations and arbitrariness of our visibility. Ours is the terrestrial character of the partisan, if our fight is to be fought and won it must happen block by block.

We start our fight from a position of critique. This is not because critique is a comfortable space from which to depart, but because it is the only task we find worth carrying out. This is not the critique of academia, staid, comfortable and polite, accessible only to those who can afford tuition. This is an active critique, for the active engagement with the immediacy of our lives, one not formed in order to redefine our existence, but one formed for the purpose of disrupting attempts at definition.

We do not set out to form a new narrative, but to destroy the certainty of narratives and the concept of the world that result from positions of certainty.

All in all, we are not attempting to define the revolutionary future, but attempting, through negation, critique and disruption, to open up the possibilities of a revolutionary present.

We invite you to join us as we explore what it means to be in a world that is beyond the limits of the future.